Maximizing Human Potential

The SkillsCode report explores an individual’s motives, preferences, behaviours and work style in major critical areas of competencies. 

What is SkillsCode?

The SkillsCode report by VisiOne was created based on the completion of the research-backed Encode Industrial Psychology (IO) Assessment by TalenX and adapted to align with the Singapore SkillsFuture (SSG) Critical Core Skills(CCS) framework.

Encode is a psychometric and competency assessment tool based on the widely researched Five Factor Model and beyond. Encode enables CCS framework of 19 competencies to be further expanded into Encode’s 36 traits and 108 facets to provide a more comprehensive exploration of an individual’s motives, preferences, behaviours and work style.

SkillsFuture Critical Core Skills

The CCS framework of 19 competencies are categorised into three clusters of the Critical Core Skills identified by the Singapore SkillsFuture (SSG) to be essential for the future of work – (1) Thinking Critically, (2) Interacting with Others, and (3) Staying Relevant.

Thinking Critically

Cognitive skills are needed to think broadly and creatively in order to see connections and opportunities in the midst of change. They are the root of technical skill development and progression.

Interacting with Others

Learning from others is one of the most effective ways to acquire new skills. It means thinking about the needs of others, being able to exchange ideas and build a shared understanding of a situation.

Staying Relevant

Managing oneself effectively and paying close attention to trends impacting that work and living, as well as providing strategies, direction and motivation for technical skills development.